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Our Story

A Few Words About Us


An Idea Is Born

"Kat" Kathleen Thompson and Leslie Levitt met by chance when Leslie bought a small house in Denton, Maryland.  Kat was, by pure chance, the realtor and Leslie was looking to help her son get off the ground and start his new home.  

After a brief conversation, they realized that fate had taken control and brought these two artists together.  Although Leslie was working as a Special Education teacher, she was looking for a new direction, teaching had become very unsatisfactory.  In her past, Kat created the very successful businesses "Blue Fish" and "Kat Prints" clothing manufacturers.  But again, as life and fate intersected, Kat  found herself on another path, real estate. 

As their friendship grew, it became clear that these two ladies needed to pursue a creative outlet that would also pay the bills.  Soon the idea of a Mercantile in historic Denton was conceived and with a leap of faith and a lot of elbow grease, Denton Mercantile sprang to life. 

Our business model is simple: to provide the shopper with a destination that provides a peaceful and enjoyable shopping experience.  We believe that quality merchandise at a reasonable price is the perfect combination.  We are also seeking local artisans who would be interested in having a location to sell their goods. 

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